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May 30, 2018 Admin

Meditation 101


Now we could get into the various techniques to perform effective meditation and I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be useful. However, I am not an expert at meditation and I would be lying if I told you that I really have any clue as to how to perform the best meditation.

So instead, I want to focus on the one and only technique that is needed to begin practicing daily meditation. You don’t need any expensive equipment. You don’t need the perfect Zen outfit. You don’t even need relaxing music although you might run across some that you want to use.

You need to learn how to BREATHE.

What? I’ve been breathing since the day I was born, and I think I have been doing a pretty good job. I’m alive, right?

You’ve been breathing to live… but have you been using the power of breathing to change your mental state? Maybe. But maybe not.

Before you get all tied up about the right and wrong way to perform meditation; let me just say that meditation is not easy and anybody who has tried it, knows that. Some people will just tell you that it is a waste of time. Others will tell you that it is the only thing worth doing. I fall somewhere in the middle.

I’m a simple person and it took me a while to realize that to benefit from meditation, I needed to learn how to breathe correctly. And I’m not even talking about breathing with the diaphragm vs. accessory muscles (don’t worry if this makes no sense to you).

I am talking about inhaling and exhaling fully. Yes, really… that’s all there is to it. But we don’t always do it and usually don’t even know that we’re not doing it.

OK, so let’s try this:

Start with a quiet environment (or soft music) and close your eyes when you’re ready.

I want you to inhale completely while counting to 4. Ready?    1…2…3…4

Now hold your breath for another count of 4 (or more).  1…2….3…4…(5…6…7…8)

Finally – exhale for a count of 8.                1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8

And keep exhaling until you can’t blow out anymore. Repeat for as many times as you need.

Set a timer and try to just focus on breathing for 5 minutes. When you have mastered this, then you are ready to try out a meditation app! I will also have someone more knowledgeable about meditation write more here in our blog space to give you many more ideas to try.

Catch you next time! Until then… Breathe!

  • Barb