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Speech Language Pathology

Speech-language pathology provides assessment and treatment interventions for disorders of speech, language, swallowing and cognition.

  • Addresses cognitive aspects of communication including attention, memory, problem-solving, and executive functions
  • Utilizes cognitive compensatory strategies to improve function and help to increase independence
  • Addresses expressive speech and language including: articulation, phonation, word retrieval, fluency, functional communication, and alternative communication for non-verbal clients
  • Treatment of swallowing disorders
  • Treatment of oral-motor function
OT Plus Speech Therapy
Communicating and sharing with friends and family help create special bonds and memories. 

“The staff at O.T. Plus have helped me tremendously in cognitive therapy and visual therapy. With their help, I’ve learned techniques and exercises that help me cope with my brain injury. If it wasn’t for their patience, understanding, and knowledge, I wouldn’t be able to function in society on a daily basis. I owe them a lot.”  – K.K.

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