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Introduction to Barb’s Blogs – by Barb Minden, MS, PT

Introduction to Barb’s Blogs – by Barb Minden, MS, PT
September 18, 2017 Admin

Hi, I’m Barb Minden.  I’m a Physical Therapist and co-owner of O.T. Plus.  Part of my life mission is to assist people who have been adversely affected by injury to return to and enjoy meaningful lives.  I am also a brain injury survivor.  I know first hand that every brain injury is unique.  I also realize there are similarities and patterns which I have experienced myself and from working with other brain injury survivors.  Over the past 25 years, I have worked directly with survivors as a volunteer, as a PT and now with all our clients at O.T. Plus.

Check here often to read my regular blogs, to discover or review great information as it relates specifically to brain injury.  We’ll post stories, lessons, fresh ideas and various aspects of self-care including life skills and social-emotional education.  You’ll find strategies that will keep you moving towards YOUR NEXT STEP with O.T. Plus!

Barb Minden, MS, PT – co-owner/O.T. Plus